Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Adding "Auto translate email content" feature
Adding "Google Shopping Integration" feature
Adding "Auto translate custom text" feature
This is a huge feature update. We are launching today "AI Powered Sentiment Analysis". When enabled in the settings, we will show a 'review summary' on every product page if you have more than 30 reviews. The review summary will analyze all your reviews, and use AI to generate a summary and display that on product page.
Give it a try and let us know your feedback.
We have added capability to filter review by storefront language. For e.g. If a customer has set French language in their storefront, you can now enable the setting to show only reviews which are in French language.
Sync Amazon Reviews: You can now setup in the app to sync Amazon reviews daily. When setup, app will automatically import new reviews from Amazon everyday.
Added feature for restricting the review request emails based on tags
You can now use custom domain (for e.g. for sending review request email.
Added feature where you can set the expiration of discount code.
Added feature where premium and above plan can resend email request.
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